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Making out at the party and leading him to my room locked in my fate. He didn’t respond about a condom as he was peeling off my clothes. He didn’t make a sound when I said I wasn’t on the pill as he picked me up and placed me on the bed. Now his balls are slapping the entrance to my pussy and I’m so wet it’s leaking down my thighs. His bare cock taps my cervix as it strokes in and out. What am I going to do…

You are going to accept my seed like a good girl

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- Do you like riding a horse, honey?
- Yes daddy, it’s great.
- So have you started taking those pills that I’ve gave you last week.
- Yes, why do I have to take them?
- Because otherwise you could get pregnant and your mom wouldn’t be happy about that.
- Yes, I know. I told her about that.
- What!?
- I was surprised because she didn’t yelled at me that much. I showed her that pills that you gave me.
  She told me that she had another pills. She told me that they have better efficency.
  They looked identically so I added them to the remaining. It looks like mom is not that much mad at us dad.
- That’s weird. I think that we should stop for some time our fun.
- No, please. I’ve never been that horny before. Cum inside me, I beg you.
- Okay, I’m cumming sweetie…
- Yesss… Thank you daddy. Can we do this again daddy.
- You never behaved like this before, what’s going on?
- I think it’s caused by those pills. I just want more and more.
- This might be occured from fertility pills. If I’m right, we have serious problem…

And the only solution is taking some time off of work to fuck the problem right out of her


I didn’t really like my brother’s nerdy best friend, but then I saw them by the swimming pool and could see his huge dick bulging out through his suit. I asked my brother to run to the store for me, then climbed on his friend’s dick and went for a ride. He was so surprised that he didn’t ask me to put condoms on and didn’t pull out before shooting his load deep into my pussy.

Lucky guy


"I don’t know. You are my big brother, we aren’t supposed to do that stuff, are we?"  

"I don’t give a fuck," I told her moving close and grabbing a fistful of her hair, "I want to watch your body bobbing up and down on my cock.  We share a bathroom, I like what I see, and I get what I want."  I unsnapped my jeans and pushed them down my body with my free hand.  My cock was growing with the anticipation of fucking my little sister’s pussy.  I brought her mouth to mine, and I kissed her forcefully.  She provided little resistance as my tongue slipped between her lips.  Her tongue began massaging mine, and I felt her moan against my lips.  I broke our kiss and pulled her down to the ground by her hair.  I looked down and loved my view.  My sister, on her knees in front of me with my hard cock twitching in front of her.  She looked up at me as though she did not know what to do.

"Suck it," I commanded as I thrust my cock towards her mouth.  Her lips parted, and I pulled her head onto my cock until I felt her throat.  "Suck my cock, little sis," I told her as I released her hair.  She needed no further encouragement as her tongue massaged the head of my dick, and her hands massaged my balls.  She began stroking my length and about every 20th stroke she would follow her hand down my shaft with her mouth until she gagged on me.  

I grabbed her by the hair again, “You have done this before, haven’t you little slut?”

She responded with only an, “Mmmhmm,” and continued working my cock.  

"Good, I hear you are good at other things too," I said as I pulled her off my cock and brought her back to her feet.  "Arms up," I demanded as I stripped her shirt over her head.  "Stay," I commanded as I pulled off my shirt and slid her shorts down her legs.  She obediently stepped out of them, and I was able to see that she had left a wet spot in her shorts.  

"Are you that excited about your brother filling up your pussy with his cock?" I asked holding her wet shorts up to her face.

"Yes, bro.  I don’t care if it is wrong anymore."  

"Good girl," I said as I sat down on the couch, "I want you to face away from me, and ride my cock until I fill you with cum."

"But, I’m not on birth control," she stammered.

"Do you think I give a fuck?  Now fuck it," I demanded with my cock in my hand pointing it up for her to easily slide down on top of me.  She hesitantly turned her back towards me and backed up between my legs.  Her dainty hand wrapped around my shaft.  I watched as the head of my cock popped into her body, and she slowly devoured my entire cock.  Her pussy dripped down my shaft as she began working the head of my cock with her pussy.  The walls of her pussy squeezed my glands, and I fit more perfectly in her pussy than I did in her mouth.  

"Good girl, just like that," I said encouragingly as I began thrusting up into her pussy.  She was only working the head of my cock, and I wanted to pump my seed as deep into her pussy as I could.  I grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto me, and she moaned loudly.

"Fuck.  No one has ever been inside me this deep before," she said as she rested on top of me.

"What are you waiting for?  I am ready to cum, so fuck my cock," I told her as I lifted her off my cock and then pulled her hard back down on top of me causing her to yelp again.  I lifted her again and pulled her down one more time, and she eagerly bounced off my cock and started working the head of my cock with her tight little hole.  

"Oh-Fuck-Sis.  I’m cumming," I shouted as her pussy continued gripping me tightly.

"OH-Jesus," she gasped, "I can feel your cum filling me up." 


My sister-in-law, who is a twin, has been flirting with me ever since she walked in on me jacking-off. As if that isn’t taboo enough, her husband is my brother! It happened one night during a Halloween party at her house. I was horned-up from drinking and watching all the women dressed-up in their slutty costumes (e.g. naughty nurse, slutty school-girl, etc). I couldn’t hide my demanding erection much longer.

The main bathroom was too public, so I slipped into her bedroom bathroom for some privacy. I was sitting on the edge of the sink facing the doorway, so the first thing she saw upon opening the door was my pants around my ankles and my hands pumping away at my shiny, thick, 8 incher at full-sail. I was grunting and pumping it as though I was in a trance. Her eyes locked onto my erection. Her jaw-dropped, she gasped and instinctively blurting out, “Holy SHIT!! I didn’t know you had such a big dick!!”

A split-second later, she apologized profusely before stammering, “I…uh…didn’t mean to look”…but she didn’t look away. She didn’t take her eyes off my bulging, vein-swelling, erection which was now so hard that the taught skin was gleaming in the bright-light of the bathroom. Our eyes locked in a moment that seemed to last forever before she gathered herself and closed the door. After she left, it didn’t take long for me to finish-off, blasting my big load into the toilet.

Fast-forward a few years and my wife and I had pumped-out a couple of kids. My sister-in-law was so helpful during the pregnancies. She kept saying that we made the cutest kids but her flirting never abated. She was getting bolder by dressing in skimpy club wear whenever the three of us went-out. She often wore outfits that she knew turned me on after learning my tastes over years of late-night drinking binges that always somehow turned to sex talk. 

A few months later, my wife went on a week-long business trip and asked my sister-in-law to “check-in on me.” Turns-out, the sis-in-law took that VERY seriously. She showed-up at the house and never left until the day before my wife came home. The whole time she walked around the house in booty-shorts, bikinis and short skirts with tight-tops. I was hornier than a teen-ager jacking-off at night in the privacy of the master bathroom but I couldn’t hold out forever.

One night my SIL came home from the gym and said she needed a shower. So I settled in to watch a football game on TV. The TV room was situated so that you could see the staircase ascending from behind the TV up to the second floor of the house. Thus, facing the TV one could see others walking up or down the stairs. Well, I was in the middle of the game when I saw my SIL at the top of the stairs and she was naked as the day she was born. Instantly my cock was rigid and busting at the seams of my underwear. She descended the stairs slowly while groping her breasts and fingering her pussy. When she reached the bottom she gazed directly into my eyes and said, “Fuck me.”

She saw my pants bulging-out and grinned, “I can tell you’re turned-on, too, baby.” Before long, I was balls deep inside the tight, young, pussy of my wife’s sister. It felt so fucking good to pound her forbidden cunt. In between grunting and moaning she tells me her idea…

"Jackson," she said with a moan, "I want your babies. Your kids are adorable…I know your sperm is potent because both your children look mostly like you—not my sister, and I want ‘my’ kids to have those cute looks, too." I just grunted but my head was swirling with ideas of breeding my own sister-in-law. I should have been bothered by the idea but somehow I was aroused by it all. All the while she sat atop my fat cock fucking it hard.

Breathlessly she continued, “Jason and I have been trying to get pregnant. I’ve been off birth control for years but Jason is shooting blanks. I got myself tested without him knowing it and I’m super fertile…I could probably get preggo just by standing too close to you.” She giggled but I was having second thoughts about fucking my wife’s sister when she slammed her juicy pussy down HARD on my throbbing shaft again and again. I just threw my head back and kept grunting. 

I flipped her over onto her back and drove my huge dick deep into her nest. She cried out, “YES!! YES!! OWN THAT PUSSY!!” After some intense pounding I backed off a bit and she continued talking, “Since I’m fertile, I know it’s Jason. His sperm isn’t potent…he’ll never be able to knock me up.” My cock surged with warmth and stiffened at knowing my brother couldn’t get his wife pregnant so she was turning to her studly brother-in-law to get the job done.

I was pounding her hard now, turned-on by the kinky idea of fathering children with my brother’s wife. But then my mind snapped out of the fog of pleasure long enough to stammer a few questions while still fucking her good and hard, “But…how… can we do this…oh god your pussy feels so fucking good…but…fuck…how can we do this when ‘your’ kids will look like my kids since I’ll be father to them all?”

She moaned long and deeply before saying, “Of course the kids will look similar, baby! But, don’t freak-out just yet…we can just attribute any similarities between the kids to you being brothers who look alike. So, of course your DNA will be similar to each other.” “And” she said with a wicked grin, “My sister and I are twins, so no one will question that side of things, either! Plus, since your brother Jason still thinks he can father children, he’ll think he was the one who knocked me up. He’ll be too proud to be a ‘father’ to think otherwise. I’ve thought about all of this already, silly!”

As I kept fucking her cunt, I ran it over in my head and it sounded like it would work. Once I felt like my questions were answered I was flooded only with the desire to fill her cunt up with tons and tons of my potent DNA. I picked up my pace and felt my balls tighten. I grinned, “We better fuck all week to make sure your get preggo!”

"Oh fuck, yes, Jackson!! Give me your baby!!" I felt her pussy tighten seconds before her young cunt exploded…squirting all over my chest. "Oh, god, Jackson, my fertile pussy is ready …knock me up!!!! Make your wife’s sister pregnant!!! I grunted-out, "Oh fuck!! Oh fuck!!" and quickened my pace. She was panting now like a dog in heat and saying, "Give your kids some siblings AND cousins all at the same time!!"

That one pushed me over the edge, “OH FUCK!! I’m cuming!! 

Nine months after fucking all that week, she gave birth to a son and no one can tell the difference. Now she’s already talking about gettin’ knocked-up, again. Good thing I have a freakish amount of cum in my big swollen balls. 



Yeah soo… I lied about the whole vasectomy thing.

Don’t look so pissed off. You’ll look good with my baby inside you.

And with that, he got up and left, never contacting her again. It had felt really good to give her a problem, especially while she didn’t suspect a thing, and that was what had been most important. Besides, she was so hot and sexy and carefree that she really needed to be ruined. Sometimes girls need to deal with a problem so that men can have a lot of fun giving it to them.

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