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It was a bad habit that Julie couldn’t give up… She liked to pick things up, put them in her purse and leave the store without paying even though she was almost as rich as Rockefeller because of her dad…But it was also a bad coincidence she did it in Hank’s store too. He catched her, took her purse to get his things back with her ID…He threatened her to release the camera footage that shows her shoplifting into all social media sites with her name to scare the shit out of her…It wasn’t long before Hank closed the store for 2 hours…And prim and proper Ms. Julie Banks was bent over the counter to get fffffffucked hard from behind… Like there is no tomorrow.


"Ahhh, fuck sis. Your body is amazing." I couldn’t believe I was barreling my cock into my little sister’s pussy. She had no idea how long I had been waiting for this. I had dreams that did not compare to the feel of her tight heat perfectly enclosed around me. Nothing was better than the head of my cock slipping past the ring of her slit, over and over.

My eyes rolled back in my head as my orgasm started. My entire body shivered as I unloaded into my sister’s unprotected pussy.

My sister’s voice brought me back to reality, “Oh my god, I’ve never been this wet befo….wait, did you just fucking cum inside me? You know mom hasn’t taken me to the doctor yet.”


Apparently my wife’s pupil is a bit scared of me. Well good - her dad’s my employee and he’s scared of me too. Too scared to say anything when I stare at his precious little girl’s tits, or hug her too tightly, or bounce her on my lap at the work barbecue. He’s definitely too scared to say anything when my wife insists the girl needs extra tutoring, alone at our place.


When trafficking became legal and cunt became easily available, ordinary free women suddenly had to become a lot less precious about allowing access to their bodies, if they wanted help or favours from men. For any ride in a ship you better be able to keep the captain and crew satisfied, cause they’ve got slaves and robo-bitches more than happy to do the same. And if they get tired of you, well, there’s always the air-lock.

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