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I was only going to ‘fuck her bareback’ for a little while, then cum on her stomach as promised….

But as her face started to contort and she whimpers in the early throes of her impending orgasm, I just couldn’t force my will to back out. Everything about her.. her legs held back, her defined breeding ready body, her panting punctuated by whimpers, and that face of a girl on ‘the edge’; just held me captivated… and cumming in her deep.


The neighbour’s 19 yo daughter has been giving me the eye for weeks now. When she knocked at my door this afternoon, she said she needed help with a problem, and could she come in so her Daddy didn’t see.

I said sure….   Lots of doe-eyed looks and 20 minutes later, she’s mostly naked on my bed with my bareback cock drilling her tight little pussy. She just stared at me panting like she was in heat. When I asked her if I could cum in her, she just nodded…. panting.

Sort of became a little concerned when she started rubbing her womb after we’d stopped in orgasms together. I smell a trap.

… and an opportunity


OH FUCKKK DADDDY!!! Holy shit you’re big dick is tearing my pussy up! I think I’m gonna cum again, oh yes daddy, bounce your little girl on that fucking horse cock! God I love being your sextoy, I hope mommy doesn’t mind because Im never giving up that cock”

Good baby girl, now your going to accept daddy s seed deep on your womb



I can’t let my sister know that I enjoy cumming deep inside her.. She needs to keep thinking that I’m doing it to help her get over her boyfriend…

If her belly started to swell, she’d have a whole new set of problems which would easily distract her and make her forget about her former boyfriend completely. So he knew he was doing her a huge favor. The feeling in his cock as he fucked his super hot little sister unprotected also validated his reasoning.


For my final Girl Scout project I had to do a service project, so I found a park ranger and asked him what I could do to help the local wilderness areas. He said that one of the best ways to help was making sure park rangers like him got regular exercise and didn’t get too pent up. It was a two-month project but I think I did well. Now if only they gave merit badges for getting knocked up in the woods….


My boyfriend and I got in the cab coming home from the airport before we realized we didn’t have any money. I asked the cab driver if we could work something out and he smiled as he fired up the camera on his dashboard. Of course, all the condoms were in the luggage and that was safely in the trunk, so I had to ride my boyfriend bare as a stranger watched and told us what to do. When he told my boyfriend to shoot his load in my pussy, I begged for it too.

If only she knew that her boyfriend has passed the driver to do this beforehand


She’d been eager to fuck me the night we met in the bar, so keen she even let me start fucking her without a condom, but the minute I told her I was gonna cum, she tried to push me off.

That’s not the way it works, sweetheart. If you’re naive enough to let me - a guy you’ve only known for a few hours - fuck you without taking every possible precaution, then I *am* going to do my absolute damnedest to leave you with a “parting gift” that’ll be unwrapped in nine months.

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