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Jade had a crush on her Aunty’s husband for as long as she could remember. The first time she met him at a Christmas family gathering, she had to excuse herself to the bathroom and masturbate frantically. She had always planned to steal him away when she came of age.

The day of her birthday, Jade called her Aunty and asked if her Uncle could come over and help her on a school maths assignment. She was home alone and answered the door in nothing but underwear. In less than 2 minutes she was pounding her ass down onto his throbbing cock. “I want you to breed me!” she yelled at him as orgasms continually pulsed through her body. She was finally getting what she had always dreamed of. “Give it to me! Give me your baby! You’re mine, you gorgeous fuck stud! Pump your seed into my womb, I’m ready!”

Her uncle had no other choice. He watched as his niece bounced off his cock and begged for his child. His biological instincts betraying him, he bellowed out and came harder than he had in his entire life.


His wife never came on yacht trips. She hated the water. When the little Mexican honey working on the docks introduced herself and crooned over his boat, he smiled. “Would you like to come out with me and give it a spin?” he asked her. She agreed with enthusiasm in broken English.

He could only handle her strutting around in a bikini for so long. Throwing caution to the wind, he pulled off his wedding ring. “No wife today” he told her as she giggled.

He fucked her on the deck. Her tight little Mexican pussy was begging for a thick load of his cum. He grabbed her ass as she bounced off his bare cock. “You on the pill?” he asked her through gritted teeth. “No, senor” she panted. “Not my fucking PROBLEM!” he bellowed as his balls throbbed and his cum spat directly into her womb. He left her on the docks with a thick, wet patch of cum on her bikini bottom and a baby in her belly.


She loved her boyfriend. She could never get enough of his cock. They fucked like rabbits every chance they got. She was always extremely careful with contraception, making him wear a condom every time. He hated it. Tonight was going to be different. Before going to bed, he stuck a pin multiple times through every condom in the packet. He fucked her with the secret knowledge that his seed would be burying it’s way into her egg. When she was knocked up with his baby, there would be no more use for rubbers.


Sam and I had always been friends. We’d cried on each other’s shoulders after break-ups, met each other’s families… In retrospect, it made a certain sense that I was the one she asked to father a child with her. I was the only other person who knew how hard she got off on the idea of being knocked up.

"IVF is thousands of bucks," she explained, "and I don’t want to go pick up some random guy. I want you."

I was in no mood to argue. We quickly stripped and she tugged my cock thoughtfully before turning around and pushing her hips back at me. She moaned and grinned as she felt me slip deep in her slick pussy and begun to pump her gently.

She looked back at me over a shoulder and blew me a kiss. We both giggled like schoolchildren, blushing despite ourselves.

"Sam… I can’t believe I’m fucking a baby into you…"

Sam moaned, lowering her body to rest on the bed, hips in the air, “Say that again,” she sighed.

"I’m going to fill your cunt and give you a baby," I said softly, feeling her cunt twitch around me. "I’m going to knock you up, Sam…"

Her orgasm hit her hard as the thought of what we were doing burned in her brain and she clamped down around me, grinding back against my hips. I grabbed a handful of her hair and lost it too - my back arching as I shot load after load inside my friend’s fertile cunt…

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When Mr Weston comes to town for a surprise visit to see how his princess is adjusting to college, he finds out through her roommate Scarlett that his little girl is gone for the day with her new boyfriend. This works out for him also.

Mr weston had a thing for younger women and Scarlett wakes these primal urges in him, urges that cloud his judgement. He decides to make the best of his trip by seducing young Scarlett, but she isn’t so sure about this, afterall, this is her roommate’s dad.

He’s strong and tall and easily overpowers the young girl by picking her up and pinning her against the wall, kissing her as she tries pushing him away telling him “this isn’t right, please” but he continues to explore her body with his big hands despite her pleads.

After some forced but passionate foreplay, Scarlett body responds to Mr weston’s seduction. He lets her down slowly and as she stands in front of him, blushing and a little shaken; he pulls down his pants exposing his long, thick meat. Scarlett’s knees give out forcing her to kneel in front of him, in position to worship his massive cock.

Scarlett is unable to wrap her hand around his cock as she admires that heavy, veiny, thick raging hard on. He grins as he shoves his cock in her little mouth but Scarlett’s mouth won’t be able to service him so he wastes no time.

He bends Scarlett over on her bed. She begins to squirm around scared he will ruin her holes and he’s not wearing a condom. He forcefully penetrates her her tight cunt and as wet and aroused as she is, it’s still a struggle to split her warm little cunt open.

He finds her Pleading, screaming and whimpering extremely arousing, this is why he loves young pussy, he gets off to young tight pussy being destroyed by his massive tool because in the end, they always end up cumming on his cock. Scarlett’s young inexperienced cunt is stuffed with cock stimulating her insides and just like the others she cums uncontrollably on Mr Weston’s cock over and over.

He tries to hold it as much as he can but Scarlett’s pussy is too good, too tight and warm. Her next orgasm is the one that drives him over the edge. Scarlett has no control over her convulsing walls that are milking his meat trying to push him out but instead they massage his member until it explodes on her unprotected little cunt, spurting huge sticky loads of his seed creaming her Insides.

Mr Weston is finally flacid enough to her push him out. A stream of cum also comes pouring out of her womb. Mr Weston laughs as he puts on his clothes as he watches poor Scarlett trembling with pleasure on her bed, still bent over and unable to move after that brutal fucking provided by her roommate’s dad. Scarlett’s boyfriend won’t be able to use her pussy for a while. It’s sore, raw and stretched out….

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