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"Wow y…you’re cumming inside me. I….I can feel every pump your cock does it spurts some more inside me. Oh God I….I’m starting to leak with your precious cum. Wait! D…don’t take it out yet baby, I love the feeling of your cum covered cock still twitching in my pussy. Fuck yes, keep pushing your dick in my i can feel your cum sinking in deeper. keep your cock there plugging me up. I’m so close baby I…I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum all over your cum covered cock. Fuck I’m gonna explode!"


"Hehe, I guess you’d never thought you’d be fucking your friends daughter would you? Dad would be so mad if he knew you were fucking his little girl. He’d probably kill you if he saw my sweet teen pussy bouncing up and down your big mature cock. Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone, I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. Seeing you around all the time with my Dad I always had a crush on you but these feeling never went away. Now I’m all grown up you don’t have any problems with this do you? Hehe, I guess not, you’re cock’s going crazy inside me. I bet you didn’t ever think you’d get to fuck a sweet little teenage girl again did you?

Girl and father’s friend request for anon


My parents let my big sister bring her boyfriend home with her from college, but they made him sleep on the couch. What they didn’t count on was how I could sneak down in the middle of the night and climb right on for my first real taste of college boy cock. My sister doesn’t mind, though. In fact, she said that her career plans mean she can’t start a family for a while, but her boyfriend’s been aching to knock up a fertile pussy, so I’m the next best thing. I know that once I’ve got a bun in my oven all the boys in my classes are going to know I’m a big slut, but I don’t care. That just means I’ve got nine months to look forward to of not having to use condoms with any of them.


Jade had a crush on her Aunty’s husband for as long as she could remember. The first time she met him at a Christmas family gathering, she had to excuse herself to the bathroom and masturbate frantically. She had always planned to steal him away when she came of age.

The day of her birthday, Jade called her Aunty and asked if her Uncle could come over and help her on a school maths assignment. She was home alone and answered the door in nothing but underwear. In less than 2 minutes she was pounding her ass down onto his throbbing cock. “I want you to breed me!” she yelled at him as orgasms continually pulsed through her body. She was finally getting what she had always dreamed of. “Give it to me! Give me your baby! You’re mine, you gorgeous fuck stud! Pump your seed into my womb, I’m ready!”

Her uncle had no other choice. He watched as his niece bounced off his cock and begged for his child. His biological instincts betraying him, he bellowed out and came harder than he had in his entire life.


His wife never came on yacht trips. She hated the water. When the little Mexican honey working on the docks introduced herself and crooned over his boat, he smiled. “Would you like to come out with me and give it a spin?” he asked her. She agreed with enthusiasm in broken English.

He could only handle her strutting around in a bikini for so long. Throwing caution to the wind, he pulled off his wedding ring. “No wife today” he told her as she giggled.

He fucked her on the deck. Her tight little Mexican pussy was begging for a thick load of his cum. He grabbed her ass as she bounced off his bare cock. “You on the pill?” he asked her through gritted teeth. “No, senor” she panted. “Not my fucking PROBLEM!” he bellowed as his balls throbbed and his cum spat directly into her womb. He left her on the docks with a thick, wet patch of cum on her bikini bottom and a baby in her belly.

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